Python plays a crucial role in Hong Kong’s tech landscape, powering numerous industries from finance to healthcare with its versatile applications. Its strong community support and resources foster innovation and collaboration among developers. Python’s simplicity and efficiency make it a preferred language for startups and established enterprises alike, driving digital transformation in the region. The 9nd PyCon Hong Kong was held at The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups Building on 11 Nov 2023, co-orgnaised with Open Source Hong Kong and Python User Group Hong Kong (HKPUG).

PyCon HK 2023 group photo

More than five areas were covered in PyCon HK 2023, namely, Data Science and Machine Learning, Automation and Scripting, Web Development and Applications, and Community and Best Practices.

Together 17 individual sessions were held from 9 local and 9 non-local speakers with a total of 260 participants.

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PyCon HK 2023 crew

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